Third Day Power Ray Clark Bio

As a child, Ray was taken from his parents. Through a foster system he was adopted by his grandparents. He hit rock bottom... but Ray rose to face and overcome the difficulties in his life. Ray is a former member of the United States Marine Corps fighting for the United States of America. He continues to be a personal trainer. Ray is a life time drug free NGA, DFAC and IFPA Professional Bodybuilder and was 2014 Mr.NGA PRO UNIVERSE!
He has 10 First Place, 2 Second Place and 3 Overall Titles! He traveled as the personal bodyguard for the pop group LFO. Ray gave up an opportunity to play college football at Florida State University to travel the world motivating people of all ages with his wife Jannet. The two met in South Africa on the "Power Team". Today, Ray and his wife Jannet travel the world demonstrating the power of God in their lives! Ray bench presses 450 lbs and can smash through a 5-foot wall of concrete with his forearm!

Bench Presses: 450 lbs
Weight: 280 lbs
Height: 6' 2"

Jannet has overcome many obstacles in her life. From drugs, alcohol, depression, lonliness, anger, bitterness just to mention a few! From the grips of suicide to now one of the strongest "all natural" women in the world who can bench press 345 lbs. Jannet travels around the world with a powerful message of God's amazing love that set her free! Jannet is an ordained minister, certified personal trainer, and can break 20 bricks with one blow from her elbow! She has been seen on Entertainment Tonight, the Today Show, Fox Sports, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and was a star skater on the TNT Roller Jam known as the "Minister of Pain". Her story will motivate and encourage all who have ever been in some difficult places in life! She was the first woman ever on the all male "Power Team" where she met her husband Ray Clark and they have been married now for over 15 years and have their Jack Russell "Mitz" who loves to travel with them!

Bench Presses: 345 lbs
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 5' 10"

Third Day Power Jannet Clark Bio

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