The Story of Ray & Jannet Clark

The Story of Ray & Jannet Clark

This live interview recorded in the studio Ray and I share our testimonies
and also in its entirety of how we met and were married
in 14 days on the PowerTeam in South Africa!
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Third Day Power Ray & Jannet Clark

Through power demonstrations and feats of strength, Jannet and Ray show children, youth and adults that they can conquer obstacles in their lives and learn to deal with them instead of running from them. Jannet and Ray have both overcome many personal obstacles in their lives. Together, in spite of having hit rock bottom in each of their lives, they have risen to face and overcome the difficulties of life.

We believe God has given us a unique tool through illustrated messages which include power demonstrations and feats of strength that will captivate the audience of any age! We share testimonies, words of encouragement, motivation and a timely message of faith, hope and love. It's a great feeling to let people know that they can deal with the issues of life instead of running from them or trying to ignore them. There is freedom in the truth!

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